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This book covers are a small piece of my work for the publishing industry. I'm proud to say that the book called "Król" is the silver prize-winner of KTR contest in the design section. It was also listed among most value book covers in 2017 by the biggest Polish bookstore chain EMPIK also Polityka Magazine and many others. Some of them are  top seling books in Poland.

While working with book covers I try to stay true to my nature - the collage. As you see, it comes in various effect.

I love books and the value that they bring. Designing them is always a reward. 

rafał kucharczuk Szczepan Twardoch Król


More than 200 Book covers designed and printed


More than 1'000'000 books bought with my covers

photo by Ignacy Matuszewski
rafał kucharczuk Szczepan Twardoch Pokora

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