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Rafał Kucharczuk

Warsaw-based graphic designer and artist, self-taught animator, a graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and Katarzyna Majak atelier at Academy of Photography in Warsaw. 

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Warsaw Festival of Photography (Lufcik, Warszawa, 2005)
International Festival of Photography (FORUM, Łódź, 2006)
Polaroid+Sculpture (galeria ZOO, Warszawa, 2006)
Instant (galeria 2.0, Warszawa, 2010)
Satyrykon ( galeria Satyrykonu, Legnica, 2011)
Instant Curiosities, 8 Biennal of Photography ( Arsenał, Poznań, 2013)
Life. Instuction (Zachęta, Warszwa, 2017)
Artfresh festiwal, Special Guest (Sheraton hotel, Warszawa, 2019 )
International Collage Exibition ( Retroawangarda, Warszawa, 2019)
Kolaż i kojarz ( Biała, Lublin, 2019)

With Alberto Salas Barahona, Ambasador Peru, Retroavangarda Gallery

PGDA poster main prize 2019
KTR silver prize 2017
Project of the Year 2018 Nomination
Best Music Cover 4th place

Print Control 2018
Vintage Modern 2018
Art in Brief
Passion of photography 2013
Bęc Zmiana 2008

If You need

Animation, cover or book design, posters, ilustrations, webdesign, collage, comunication, ideas, art 

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