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I recently got back in to compositing and VFX as a freelancer which is very exiting and also hardcore due to the 4k resolution and extended bit depth of images displayd in cinemas :)

In the past I have worked on movie sets supervising shots for future special efects and along with my colegues in varius  postproduction studios actually making and compositing them in to liveaction to make Director's ideas real.  These are some retrived scraps of shots i worked on - mix of compositing, suervision, design, fully directed single shots and movie opening titles.  

Full filmography: IMdB,

blackbird studio

Black Bird

Together with a Blackbird team of freelancing pirates [ compositing, 2d and 3d artists ] we are able to postproduct full lenght future film, as we did with "Zieja" movie.

Krzysztof Masztakowski - vfx supervisor; vfx supervisor on set; 3D animation
Mariusz Dąbrowski - vfx supervisor on sete; #d animation; digital compositing
Rafał Kucharczuk - digital smoker, digital compositing
Łukasz Remiś - digital compositing
Łukasz Romanow - digital compositing

Zieja Movie

Deliverable: 130 [106 to be seen in the movie] shots including fully designed 2d shots and 3d scenes of Sistine Chappel, supervising on set.  
*full making off coming soon

photo by Krzysztow Masztakowski
photo curtesy of Krzysztof Masztakowski

official trailer

Reżyseria - Robert Gliński
Zdjęcia - Witek Płóciennik  
Kierownictwo produkcji - Leszek Pieszko,Sebastian Petryk. 
Efekty specjalne - Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, BlackBirdStudio 
Produkcja VFX - Kuba Macierewicz, Krzysztof Masztakowski
Digital compositing: Marcin Będkowski, Mariusz Dąbrowski, Julianna Lachowicz, Lukas Remis, Paweł Szczurowski, Rafał Kucharczuk 
Animacje 3D - Krzysztof Masztakowski,Mariusz Dąbrowski
Zakład Postprodukcji WFDiF - Tomasz Drwal, Andrzej Zieliński 
Conforming - Jacek Cieśliński 
Scenografia - Wojciech Żogała 
Producent:Włodzimierz Niderhaus 
Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych - Kinga Gałuszka,Piotr Sobkowicz, Katarzyna Drapała,Basia Dziamska,Piotr Kozicki, Rafał Szuliński, Łukasz Zakrzewski Jędrzej Maciej Barcikowski
[full cast]

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