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Rafał Kucharczuk

Hi, I'm Rafał. I mess with Visual Arts, especially with collage and Polaroid but i call myself Designer. I animate and draw a lot too.
Here are some facts about me: I graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, with illustration as my specialty. I have also graduated from Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology and Katarzyna Majak atelier at Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

Below you can see a small preview of my visual life.   

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Digital Collage

Yes, I was an animator, 2d generalist - I made special effects and all kind of stuff you'll need to make a full-length future film, TV commercial, explainer video, and intros. This was a very harsh experience, but I loved it, even though it made me cry. It basically helped me to move boundaries of my primary field of work - digital collage



Or rather selection works that I’m really proud of. Click the thumbnail to see some more. 


Over the years I have worked with magazines like Duży format, Newsweek, Przekrój, Chimera, Popmoderna, Wizje, Kontakt
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This videoreel is quite old, but the concepts, direction and execution was mostly done by me.
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Book Cover Design

There are more than 100 books with my covers
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Music Covers

let's dance
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Web Design + UX

Web pages and aplications
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Artistic + comercial posters
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I will eventually setup my own Etsy, but for now, you can support me elsewhere ( bemyart shop, magazyn kontakt shop, oficyna peryferie shop)

Selection of exibitions:
Warszawski Festiwal Fotografii (Lufcik, Warszawa, 2005)
Międzynarodowy Festiwal Fotografii w Łodzi (FORUM, Łódź, 2006)
Polaroid+Rzeźba (galeria ZOO, Warszawa, 2006)
Instant (galeria 2.0, Warszawa, 2010)
Satyrykon ( galeria Satyrykonu, Legnica, 2011)
Instant Curiosities, 8 Biennale Fotografii ( Arsenał, Poznań, 2013)

Życie. Instrukcja (Zachęta, Warszwa, 2017)
Artfresh festiwal special guest (Sheraton hotel, Warszawa, 2019 )
International Collage ( Retroawangarda, Warszawa, 2019)
Kolaż i kojarz ( Biała, Lublin, 2019)

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29zł – 99zł

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Animation, cover or book design, posters, ilustrations, webdesign, collage, comunication, ideas, art 

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